Is blogging dead?

It's clear to whoever stumbles on this page today, that I've not touched it in well over a decade. Blogger seems to have not changed much since, it only feels a bit more broken and weathered, like patio furniture left out for a few seasons.

If you wonder why the site is up after all these years, it comes down to a few things. 

Mostly, I've figured I can keep this page up for the hundreds of people who search for some of the MySQL related posts and are perhaps even finding them usable, so many years after posting. If you're one of those, I hope it helped you. In the case it was one of those search dead ends and I wasted you a browser tab and a click... that's unfortunate. The rest of the content is a trip down memory lane to a time before social media, and it's personally amusing to keep around.

Another more subtle reason is the optimism and hope that perhaps I'll get back to publishing things at some point. It's kind of like keeping a motorcycle you don't have time to ride in our garage, just to feel you have your options open and identify yourself as a rider. As they say, hope dies last.

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