Another Nasty Bug Squashed

I was so damn proud of myself to stumble upon a cool critical bug in MySQL, only to find it was a duplicate of another bug discovered 3 days earlier by someone else, and not just someone, but Paul DuBois, the author of no less than 3 books about MySQL and the likes.
My test case was simpler though - judge for yourself (#32376 vs #32260).

It goes like this - Find a MySQL 5.1.22 (or less). Connect. Run the next lines of code. Server is down. Simple, eh?

create table test.t(c int) engine = innodb;

select @var := c as c
from t
order by c asc;

This is documented as a casual "Some uses of user variables in a query could result in a server crash." in the 5.1.23 change log. Speaking of which, there is a new change log for 5.1.24 already, so this means 5.1.23 will be released really soon.

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