Hi-Tech Insulation From the Elements

Technology keeps surprising me. image

I spend nearly 4 hours a day in trains/buses or riding my motorcycle to work and back. It goes like this:

  1. Motorcycle or bus if raining, to the train station in Haifa.
  2. Train or bus to Herzelia.
  3. Walk to work for about 1.8km from the train station.

Read backwards for the return route.

Thinking like a DBA, I'm always looking for ways to optimize everything, commuting included. This time I decided I need a piece of clothing that fits my so called "lifestyle", with the following seemingly impossible combination of requirements:

  • Good wind protection (while riding the motorcycle for 10 km a day to the train and back)
  • Very Warm (not to freeze when riding the bike, or when walking to work and back)
  • Very Light (the weather in Israel can change it's mood between morning and evening, so it can't be too heavy to carry in my laptop backpack)
  • Water repellant (for those long walks by the Herzelian highways while it's raining)
  • Stowable (so that it will fit in the backpack) - and that's a real word by the way.

So, after bit of searching (about 10 minutes), I've bought myself this piece of modern technology - The North Face "Red Point Jacket".
It's extremely light and extremely insulating at the same time. It's also extremely expensive. No wonder it's marketed as "ideal for extreme mountain sports". How rad am I?!

Those North Face dudes really know their stuff.

I really hate spending that much time on the road - but on the other hand if I didn't, I wouldn't have the time to watch House and to write stupid blog posts about apparel.

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  1. At least you changed from that ga-- I mean, ghastly orange.